Hamdard Sualin

Hamdard Sualin

Sardi se pehle hi sardi ka tod!
Constant cough can stop you in your tracks. What is
required is a natural cure like Sualin. A formulation
of time-tested herbs, Sualin is a natural & effective
remedy for sore throat, cough and hoarse voice.

The unique blend of natural herbs helps to provide relief from cough & breathlessness, ease minor sore throat and clear throat irritation. It is also an effective expectorant which helps to clear hoarse voice. So get set to stop throat irritation and get super quick relief.

Relief from


  • Bansa


    Helps clear voice and
    remove hoarseness.

  • Tulsi


    Helps relieve cough,
    act as an antiseptic.

  • Mulethi


    Helps Reduce Throat irritation.
    Act as a demulcent and expectorant.

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Hamdard - Say goodbye to sore throat with Sualin

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