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Love and compassion
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luxuries. Without
them, humanity
cannot survive.

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About Hamdard

'Hamdard' is a compound word derived from Persian, which combines the words 'hum' (used in the sense of 'companion') and 'dard' (meaning 'pain'). 'Hamdard' thus means 'a companion in pain' and 'sympathizer in suffering'.

In 1906, in the capital of undivided India, Delhi, a devoted and determined yet unworldly man, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, laid the foundation of Hamdard Dawakhana. What began as a small Unani clinic in the bylanes of historic Old Delhi has evolved into a symbol of integrity and high quality in the realm of affordable Unani medicines.

Despite its humble beginnings, Hamdard's goals were lofty - to ease and heal the suffering of the sick with the help of herbs. Guided by the simple tenet that no one becomes poor by giving, Hakeem Abdul Majeed embodied compassion. Though he passed away early, his wife, Rabia Begum, with the support of her son, Hakeem Abdul Hameed, not only sustained the institution but also expanded it. As Hakeem Abdul Hameed grew up, he assumed all responsibilities, later inducting his younger brother into the institution.
Both brothers, Hakeem Abdul Hameed and Hakim Mohammed Said, rose above all else by uplifting others. With their extraordinary drive, they elevated Hamdard from a Unani pharmaceutical company to a welfare organisation, transforming it into a waqf or trust dedicated to the nation's health and education.

Recognizing that working in traditional ways wouldn't be entirely fruitful, Hamdard adopted a broader outlook for a continued and meaningful existence. The effective team at Hamdard helped the system gain its pride of place, entering the expansive world of discovery and research.

Unending dedication, incessant commitment, and prolonged experiments led to success. Hamdard's vast pharmaceutical knowledge of Unani formulations only added to its triumph.

Challenges arose with the variety of formulae given for one polyherbal medicine in various pharmacopoeias, compounded by the lack of records for processing. Undeterred, Hamdard overcame these obstacles through extensive research, collating widely recognized formulations, standardizing and indexing them - published as the Hamdard Pharmacopoeia (Qarabadin-Hamdard).
Beyond recognized medicines, Hamdard has launched entirely new ones. Hamdard's R&D centres, equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies for research, span the development of differentiated products, making Hamdard a trustworthy and highly reputed company.

Apart from the recognised medicines, our organisation has also launched some entirely new medicines. The R&D centres we are truly proud of are equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies for research. The capabilities we own span the development of differentiated products and this is what makes the organisation a trustworthy and highly reputed company.

As Hamdard focuses on developing new technologies, it continuously monitors research efficiency.

Vision And

Our Vision: Empowering the underprivileged in India by providing equal opportunities at every stage in their lives.

Our Mission:Hamdard is dedicated to Institution building, Collaboration, Innovation, and Initiatives for the Health, Education, and Economic empowerment of society.

Values and

Hamdard is committed to making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world. To achieve this commitment, Hamdard has established core values and lives by its philosophy that provides the foundations for all of our products and services.

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