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Hamdard has always believed in maintaining higher standards of quality and thrives on a culture of innovation-driven research. This commitment is evident in the Research and Development Department, which features impressive and sophisticated laboratories staffed by highly qualified professionals.

These experts are engaged in the research of Unani/Ayurvedic and Pharma wellness products. The analytical wing is fully equipped with highly sophisticated 21 CFR-compliant instruments like ICP-OES, HPTLC, HPLC, GC, UV, etc. Technology is leveraged for environmental compliance using ultra-modern equipment, and products are analyzed for actives as well as contaminants such as heavy metals and bio-burden.

Innovation lab
21 CFR

All this happens at our 2 state-of-the-art GMP certified manufacturing facilities.

Then, there are 2 central warehouses and 13 CFA's that cover the length and breadth of the country, making products easily available.


Heal the past. Live in the present. Dream the future.

Over the years, Hamdard has invested significantly in its Research & Development (R&D) program to create state-of-the-art R&D facilities. Backed by a research team of highly trained scientists with excellent credentials, the company’s R&D and Quality facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The three divisions; Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Quality control work in a synchronised fashion to deliver international quality products.

The conception of a proper rationale of natural ingredients in medicine followed by clinical evaluation to guarantee the efficacy with safety was nurtured by Late. Hakim Abdul Hameed Saheb, and is still the foundation of scientific research at Hamdard. In addition, a new dimension has been adapted by means of modern analytical tools to methodically support traditional knowledge.

The prime focus of Research and development at Hamdard is to cherish the inherent knowledge of Unani medicines and to generate innovative products after rigorous experimentations.


The Research and Development department at Hamdard is also scientifically evaluates the process and products and scrutinizes their potential for patentability and wherever applicable, suitable Intellectual Property Rights are secured.


With a defined quality policy aimed at developing medicines under a controlled system with guaranteed safety and efficacy, Hamdard is dedicated to providing cost-effective medicines for human welfare.

Innovation lab


The Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments at Hamdard ensure the right quality of raw materials and strictly control the processes with modern technologies to manufacture efficacious medicines. The company is certified for GMP, HACCP, and ISO quality standards. The analytical lab is well-equipped with all modern equipments like GC, HPLC, AAS, IR, Spectrophotometer, Chromatographic Systems, etc., to specifically check the quality parameters.


We take great care to rigorously manage quality throughout all processes, ensuring that appropriate standards are maintained from raw materials through to the final product and beyond.

Our organization upholds the highest manufacturing standards and has established one of the world's largest Unani GMP and ISO 9001 certified laboratories. Quality checks are maintained at each step of the manufacturing process, which is characterized by ever-increasing complexity and scale.

Hamdard boasts an extensive presence nationwide, with a dedicated team of over 600 employees. Our widespread network of CFA's and stockists connects with over 500,000 outlets, effectively serving the masses.


We are committed to offer cost-effective solutions through a thorough understanding of each market and its requirements.


With excellence as the goal of everything we do, we bring our insight and experience to adapt to each customer’s requirements and temperament.


We are committed to offering a wide range of products to allow our customers to confidently procure from a single reliable source.


We pride ourselves on ethical working practices, backed by robust corporate and social responsibility that covers all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.

Hamdard is dedicated to serving humanity, curing the ills, spreading the light of knowledge and bringing the blessings of scientific research to help improve living and eliminate the sufferings of mankind. It is keenly aware that compassion means interdependence of all things in the universe.

The journey, which started with great confidence and faith, still continues with the same zeal and devotion. After a century, Hamdard stands as a model of substantial success and a high-quality accomplishment.


Hamdard ensures practices that deliver quality products because there is no compromise when it comes to health.

01Good Agronomic Practices

All botanical raw materials are procured from reliable geographical origins ensuring GAP. Appropriate storage of raw materials further ensures the efficacy of raw materials.

02Raw material Analysis

The identity and quality of crude plant material are ensured by chromatographic fingerprinting and by chemical assays for active ingredients.

03In-Process Analysis

All manufacturing processes are carried out with modern equipment and are strictly controlled by in-process testing.

04Finished Product Analysis

The finished products are analysed by using the latest equipment to ensure appropriate quantities of active constituents. In addition, utmost care is taken to control the presence of bio-burden and heavy metals.

05Stability Testing

Stability studies are conducted for each product under accelerated and real conditions to check the compatibility of packaging materials and the shelf life of the finished product.

06Clinical Trials

The time tested medicines are always under scrutiny through vigilant clinical trials conducted by experienced medical professionals.

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